Tuesday, June 13, 2006

That smell..

Truth be told I have never been in a tanning bed/booth. Yes I know. Hard to believe. But the truth nonetheless. So tonight as I was stretching in the newly remodeled gym I goto (it looks like shaq blew up in there. All purpley and yellowy..) I noticed a rather weird smell. A young lady had just exited the tanning room and the air was full of.. Burning something or other. My first thought (and yes my mind is not quite right) was that it was burning human flesh. nah. Couldn't be. Sniff. Ewe. My second thought, was much like the first one. But im pretty sure it is the tanning creams I am smelling. Why they make them smell like burning flesh? I have no idea.

also, an amazing article about the army in ramadi. Cool vids as well.


not that anyone is reading my blog yet. but the sith revel in the dark and obscurity. [evil sith laugh here]


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